Thatched cottages in Harpenden High Street

One of the first shops

By John Bristow

This cottage stood close to the village pond on the east side of the High Street. It was one of the early shops in the village and was probably constructed in the early part of the 19th Century.

It was demolished in 1938, after Bowers Parade was built in front of Bowers House in 1936. Following its demolition, Reads Motor showroom was built as a northern extension to Bowers Parade and in 2009 this site housed Oui, Ladbrokes and recently Keech Cottage charity shop.

Photo:Thatched Cottages

Thatched Cottages

original by L Casey

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I am attempting to follow the footsteps of my Great Grandfather... George Gregory and his wife, Mary, who came from Harpenden to South Australia on the ship 'Hartley' arriving at Kangaroo Island, South Australia in 1837..... I am enquiring re the area that my Great Grandfather came from, as he was listed on the passenger list of the ship as a Gardener from Harpenden...I gather that may have been a grain-growing region of England.....I am planning in the future to visit your area.....Lorraine Fullerton.

By Lorraine Fullerton
On 19/06/2012