The Tyler Family

Where are they now and do you know them?

By Di Castle

This is a photo of my Great Auntie Nell's family.  She is in the middle of the seated row. She had married Albert Tyler around 1900.

Second from the left in the back row is her son-in-law Denis Turner, with his wife Elsie (nee Tyler) sitting in front of him, third from the left. This is the family we saw most of when we were children.

I think Connie is fourth from the left, next to Great Aunt Nell, and I think Annie (who married Jim Dines) is the third from the right in the middle row.

Can anyone help identify the others in this photo?  

Before my marriage I was Dinah Munt. My mother was Rene Weston and she was a cousin to the Tyler family. Auntie Nell was the older sister of my grandmother Annie Tuffin.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Tyler Family' page
This page was added by Di Castle on 11/03/2014.
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I have just seen this photograph of the Tyler family. When I was a child my father Bob Floyd was friends with Pete Tyler who had a pig farm near Bunyan's chimney near Wheathampstead. Bob was born in Harpenden and worked for Claridges. We lived in Southdown and would often visit. Jim and Annie Dines are also in the photo, we knew them as well. We moved to Harpenden Rise and Jim and Annie lived in a bungalow in Park Rise next to the foot path that takes you through to Roundwood Park.

By Steven Floyd
On 25/03/2014

I have just found your comment. Thank you for that information. Do you know if any of the Tyler family are alive now?

By Di Castle
On 27/01/2015

Yes, I am in the photo and can name everyone, some of us still alive and a few still in Harpenden, including myself. I am Rosemary, formerly Dines, second from right in the front row, next to my sister Brenda, and I remember your family well Dinah. My father Jim was also good friends with Bob Floyd. If you want up to update info on all in the photo I can let you have it.

By Rosemary Wicks
On 08/09/2015

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