Sunday School Picture from late 1950's.

St Nicholas Church, Harpenden.

By John Halsey

This is a chance for the people of Harpenden to play spot themselves.  This is a photograph of St Nicholas Church Sunday School taken in the late 1950's.

My wife, Carol BLAND, is near the back behind the REV.  Her brother Malcolm is in the back row on the right side.  Her youngest brother, Chris (Deceased), is just behind the REV.  Her sister, Joan (Deceased) is near the back on the left.  Her sister, Sylvia (Deceased) is seated to the right of the REV with a lad on her lap.  She was a Sunday School teacher.

My Carol is not sure of the date or why the picture was taken.  Maybe someone on this site can add this information.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Sunday School Picture from late 1950's.' page
Photo:My mum Jennifer Ruskin marked with an arrow; she passed away in 2011 age 66.

My mum Jennifer Ruskin marked with an arrow; she passed away in 2011 age 66.

Sharon Snell

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I can't help much, but one thing that bothers me is the modernity of the building. I cannot remember that the old Coldharbour Lane Church had modern brickwork and windows. It was replaced by the new church in Station Road in the late 1950s or early 1960s, I think. The clergyman is Rev S N Veitch, who was Rector of Harpenden for many years. I think he had retired by that time, but he may have returned for a special occasion. He appears to be very frail and possibly sitting in a wheelchair.

By John Seabrook
On 31/03/2013

Surely this is St Nicholas's Church Hall? I am in the third row of chidren, 2nd from the left. To my right is my younger brother, Dan and to my left my friend Michael Bentley. The Rector is Mr Veitch and to his right is Miss Gladys Smith who ran the St Nicholas Sunday School, then Tom Guyatt and (I think) Mr Lowe.

By David Keen
On 18/02/2014

I have discussed the location of the picture with my wife and she is now of the opinion that it could be taken at St Nicholas Church.

Ed We have changed the title!

By John Halsey
On 15/04/2014

I think the young lady with a little boy on her lap at the right-hand end of the front row is my mother Janet Warner. Her maiden name was Gray. My grandfather Doug Gray used to work for Jarvis.

By Jackie Hoadley
On 13/08/2014

Yes, agree it is Rev Veitch and Mr Lowe on LHS outside St Nicholas Church Hall. I am in next to back row, 4 children diagonally right back from the Rev.

By Christine Rice (nee MacLennan)

By Christine Rice
On 15/05/2015

My mum, Jennifer Ruskin, is in this picture.

Ed - we have added your scan with the arrow showing her, with your caption.

By Sharon Snell
On 11/02/2020

Gladys Smith was generally known as GAS because of her initials.

By John Wyborn
On 29/04/2020

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