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I have only just come across this information, but was so pleased to see both my parents mentioned, as well as their photos, in this record made by Cornelia Clutterbuck.  My father was John Trout, the leader of the team from December 1945, shown above on the right standing next to my mother, Phyllis Sullivan.  He proposed to her just three weeks after they'd first met before they embarked for war-torn Europe, my mother driving an army lorry across the shattered continent. My father had been captured in Amsterdam in 1940, tortured and held for four years in various concentration camps, and then "exchanged" before the end of the war, only to volunteer to return to Germany to do this vital humanitarian work. What an amazing generation. They were all heroes. Thank you Harold Beck (who are you?) for editing and publishing Cornelia's diaries.  I, too, have a similar diary, found in my parent's attic after my father died.

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By Trisha Parsons
On 28/08/2019