National Children's Home (the Oval)

Photo:The Adminstrative block at Highfield Oval, Harpenden

The Adminstrative block at Highfield Oval, Harpenden

LHS archives - LHS 3649

By Antonia Robson

I’ve been using this website and the ‘their history’ website of the National Children’s Home to help with my son’s local history project. I stumbled across the following video footage of the arrival of some children at Highfield Harpenden in 1955 and it struck me as a really valuable addition to the material you currently have on the Harpenden History page.

The following is copied text from the NCH website:


Two children are taken into emergency care at Highfield Harpenden, The governor gives the brother and sister a walm welcome before taking them to their new home, we see the first few days of life in one of the flats together with the other children in the flat.

Main Film

Part 1

Part 2

EXTRACT from Flickr:

To view this, copy the link and paste into your browser. There are captions for the photos, if you hover over the arrows. Not all the images are of Harpenden NCH children.

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