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by Chris Brimblecombe - from email circular

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In April 2014, Hertfordshire Constabulary launched Heritage Watch - a scheme which aims to protect the county’s thousands of historical sites, monuments and artefacts from heritage crime.

Ten months on from the launch, the Constabulary is asking members of the public signed up to OWL to also consider joining Heritage Watch to help us in the fight against heritage crime.

Heritage crime is any offence which harms heritage assets.  It can include architectural theft, anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, unauthorised excavation and metal detecting, damage caused by vehicles, metal theft or theft of historical and cultural property.

Offences have been more prevalent due to the economic downturn as criminals have turned their attention to metal theft and the illegal trade of assets. Putting right damage caused to heritage assets can lead to repair bills of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Through the scheme, the Constabulary hopes to protect our heritage by improving communication between people who live near these sites, those who have an interest in the county’s history and the police.

Chief Constable, Andy Bliss said: “It’s so important to protect Hertfordshire’s historical and cultural assets for future generations.

“People who live close to historical sites and those who have an interest in our local history tend to frequent the county’s heritage site more often and are more likely to notice anything suspicious.

“Through joining up, we hope the public will become the ‘eyes and ears’ of these precious sites and report anything suspicious to us.”

The public can sign up to become members via the Constabulary’s web page where further information can also be found:

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Help Protect Hertfordshire's Heritage Sites' page
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