Harpenden History Tour

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Review of this recently published book by John Cooper

By Pamela Mann, Harpenden resident and author

Whether you’re new to Harpenden or have lived here for many years, this little book will be sure to show you a fascinating chunk of history of which you may be unaware. It is brimful of photographs, old and new, alongside descriptions of events and buildings, some of which no longer exist, some of which have been put to a different use. And, of course, some of those photographs, in turn, became picture post cards.

From the book’s Introduction to its Key which shows the location of all 50 points of interest, the author weaves your walk in a way that is truly an eye-opener. Did you know, for example, that St Nicholas’s Parish Church tower dates back to 1470? Also, when you lean on the bar of the delightful Cross Keys pub, you will be following those who have done so since the 16th century. And were you aware that Harpenden used to have a cinema? Take a look to find out just where it was.

You’re sure to enjoy this trip down memory lane in what remains a charming town, still full of interesting features.

Published 2019 by Amberley Press at £7.99, and available at Harpenden Books and News4U, 1 Station Road, Harpenden.

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