Harpenden High Street - c.1890-1939

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This sequence of photos takes you from the Common northwards along the western side, from around 1900 to the 1930s, to the Old Red Lion (currently Billy's Wine Bar), then across to the 'Tollgate house' and from 67 High Street southwards, to the corner of Vaughan Road.

Photo:The Harpenden 'Mail Office', alongside The George Inn, c.1900. The gardens of The George are now the site of Pizza Express. In the background are the stables of The Bennetts (British Legion).
Photo:The Valley Engineering Company, alongside The George Inn, with horse-drawn cart ready for an 'outing', c.1910
Photo:George Hotel and Moody & Co garage -1930's
Photo:Dr Kingston's House, the home of Dr Francis Kingston, who retired in 1861. His family had been treating people and their animals for over 100 years. The house was bought in 1912 by Henry Salisbury, who pulled it down to build Kingston House Stores.  Click on this picture to link to the Story of 6 High Street
Photo:The George, Dr Kingston's House, Mr West's cottage & Bakery and Busby's Chemists, c.1910
Photo:Mr West's Bakery, Busby's chemists, registrar & Marten Part Bank (replaced by Barclays), c.1910
Photo:The George Inn & Kingston House Stores, c. 1920 - click on this picture for the Story of 6 High Street
Photo:High Street with White Lion - 1900
Photo:High St looking NW in snow -White Lion - 1900
Photo:High St with view over Church Green and Cock Inn on right- snow - bridge over ditches 1900's
Photo:Draining the Cock Pond - 1927/8.  View to Cock Inn and 68-72 High Street
Photo:66-72 High St - shop, houses and the Old Red Lion, Thurston studio - 1910's.  Click on this picture for a link to The Old Red Lion - one of Harpenden's lost pubs
Photo:Cottage on the green, outside Tollgate house (69 High Street) from north - 1929.  The C18 tollgate was further north, close to Sun Lane. This cottage had been built on the 'green' and was removed - probably in the 1920s
Photo:Cottages on the green in front of Tollgate House, 69 High Street from South - 1920. The C18 tollgate was probably close to Sun Lane.
Photo:65 High Street - Tollgate - cottages, Eyles tailors -1880's
Photo:Lines cottage and forge - 1908 - sketch by E H V St Clair
Photo:Lines Smithy - site of Anvil House Lower High Street
Photo:Tollgate House, Tollgate cottages and Lines Forge - 1890's
Photo:Timson's cobbler's shop in the High St -1920's?
Photo:63/65 High Street, Putterill Bros garage , Fred Timpson Boot maker and repairer -1930's
Photo:Cock Pond and High Street - 1880 - Mr Lockhart's house on corner of Church Green (behind trees)
Photo:Pond and thatched cottage - annotated by Edwin Grey
Photo:Thatched cottage from NW - 1910
Photo:The thatched cottage, after the sale of Bowers House, and before demolition in 1938
Photo:Demolition of 43-49 High St (Thatched Cottage, north of Bowers Parade - 23/3/1938
Photo:Pond and Bowers House - 1910
Photo:Horse and cart being rescued fro the Cock Pond -1900's
Photo:Pond and Swans' house -1910's
Photo:Earl of Cavan and dignitaries outside Bowers house  after Dedication of War Memorial - Oct 1920
Photo:Bowers House, pond fenced off, Pollards School of Music and Cross Keys pub - 1930
Photo:Cock Pond looking SE-winter view, with Cross Keys - 1900's
Photo:Cottage which became San Toy Shop - next to Rose Cottage - flood in front
Photo:Old San Toy shop next to Rose cottage - being demolished
Photo:Peacock House, Lower High Street - with brewery behind - before 1871. Site of Brewery House.
Photo:Polly Nott's house - site of NatWest Bank - 1895
Photo:Demolition of Polly Nott's cottage to make way for Vaughan Road - 1895
Photo:Pellant's corner - High Street/Vaughan Road - 1910
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