Harpenden Corps of Drums

Kimpton Fete, 1983

By John Halsey

Photo:The Corps at Kimpton Fete

The Corps at Kimpton Fete

John Halsey

My wife and I, together with our two daughters, were involved with the Harpenden Corps of Drums from 1979 to 1985.

The band was originally a Scout and Guide Bugle Band, but it left the Scout Movement in the early 1980s to become an American-style Drum Corps.

The Band was then known as The Harpenden Corps of Drums - The Ace of Herts.

The picture shows the Corps marching at Kimpton Fete in 1983.

Linda Shields took the photos below, when her children were members of the Corps in the 1980s

Photo:The Corps - 1980s

The Corps - 1980s

Linda Shields

Photo:Paul, 1980s

Paul, 1980s

Linda Shields

Photo:The band, 1990s

The band, 1990s

Linda Shields

Photo:The drummers, 1980s

The drummers, 1980s

Linda Shields

Photo:Marching, 1980s

Marching, 1980s

Linda Shields

Photo:Parade, 1980s

Parade, 1980s

Linda Shields

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