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Photo:Photocopy of a newspaper advertisement, 1901

Photocopy of a newspaper advertisement, 1901

LHS archives - ref BF3.19a

Grand Exhibition in 1901

By Rosemary Ross

Among some miscellaneous papers relating to Harpenden's Public Halls, this photocopied advertisement emerged from our archives. By checking the date on 'searchforancesters', this lively event turns out to have taken place on Wednesday 16 October 1901.

There was a full programme from 1 pm to 10 pm in the (Old) Public Hall, now Park Hall.

Perhaps the most striking event is the Ladies' Comic Football match - the married v. the single - with 'wickets pitched' at 3 pm and 'stumps drawn'' at 4.30 pm, but with 'kick off' at 3.30 pm!

Clearly the Edwardian era was getting off to a good start.

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