Fond memories of Highfield Oval

From a member of the staff


I have fond memories of Highfield Oval when I worked there from between 1979 and 1982. I remember starting in a flat with Hazel and then in Flat 4. There were about 200 children living on the Oval at that time. The three Georgestone boys Ndola, Leonard and little Al. I remain in touch with Joanne Setter (Peters) on Facebook who lives in the USA. 

I remember with affection the lovely Gilmartin girls, Conny,  Alison and the Greenidges, Anthony  and his sisters. Also Lecia and Lena Martell. Mario and Fernando. I loved the Christmas Festival of music, Open day with Roy Castle and driving the minibus taking children to school.

I will try and share some old photos at a later date. 

We look forward to these photos! ed


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