Evacuation, Facts and Stories

Do you know the Floyds, Brownings, Kiffs?

By Steven Floyd

I have been trying to find out about the evacuation of children from Islington to Harpenden. My mother, aunt and uncle were sent from Hugh Middleton School. They stayed and brought up their families in Harpenden. My youngest aunt was born in Harpenden and still lives there. I too was born and spent my youth there and again later for some years after a divorce.

Does any one have stories about families and the London children that could be pulled together to create a history of this happening? Verbal history and written evidence is rapidly disappearing.  

If any one has any stories about families called Floyd or Browning or Kiff could they contact me, through this website - contact us. My mother passed away last year and I'm trying to get information so I can write a family history. I've traced my father and his family back many generations and found they nearly all came from Wheathampstead or St. Paul's Walden.

This page was added by Steven Floyd on 05/02/2014.

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