Street by Street

This is a space to be filled, bit by bit, by what you know about your house or street and interesting people who may have lived there in the past.  In 2000, the residents of Station Road gathered information for a Local History Society exhibition.  We can help you to access our archives at the Local History Centre, where we have maps and plans, old directories and photos.  The editors will be please to add streets as information becomes available. 

Page link: Ridge House
Ridge House
Home of Jesse Catton - and the growth of the Ridge estate
Page link: Road Names of Harpenden
Road Names of Harpenden
Their Origins
Page link: The Development of North Harpenden
The Development of North Harpenden
Jesse Catton and the Roundwood district - 1920s to 1960s
Category link: Aldwickbury Farm estates
Aldwickbury Farm estates
Royco Houses on Wheathampstead Road and Royco houses around Aldwickbury Crescent
Category link: Milton Road
Milton Road
From Park View estate to Twentieth Century flats and closes
Category link: Moreton Avenue
Moreton Avenue
Site of E C Jarvis's first development
Category link: Station Road from Carlton Road to Coldharbour Lane
Station Road from Carlton Road to Coldharbour Lane
Linking the LMS station to the GNER station
Category link: The Elliswick Estate - 1923
The Elliswick Estate - 1923
Browning Road, Connaught Road, Elliswick Road