Evacuees - Personal memories

Page link: Harpenden's Evacuation Scheme - WWII
Harpenden's Evacuation Scheme - WWII
Preparations for the outbreak of war in 1939
Page link: Harpenden Evacuees 1939 - 1940
Harpenden Evacuees 1939 - 1940
The stories behind some newly acquired records
Page link: Evacuation from the South Coast
Evacuation from the South Coast
From Hastings to Harpenden - July 1940
Page link: Evacuation, Facts and Stories
Evacuation, Facts and Stories
Do you know the Floyds, Brownings, Kiffs?
Page link: Harpenden - A wartime Haven
Harpenden - A wartime Haven
Memories of a boy from Hastings
Page link: Harpenden, Hitler and Me
Harpenden, Hitler and Me
Memories of an evacuee
Page link: Some wartime memories
Some wartime memories
from The Vale of the Nightingale (1996)
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The Evacuee
From school in Clerkenwell Green to Harpenden