Shops, shopkeepers and traders

From the 17th century onwards we find references to suppliers of food for the poor bought out of the rates: butchers, bakers, grocers - but maybe not candlestick makers.  In the early 19th century the number and identity of shops grew.  The early 21st century is marked by constant changes as shops come and go.

Page link: The Corner Shop, 172 Station Road
The Corner Shop, 172 Station Road
From butcher, green-grocer to bric-a-brac - nearly 90 years of trading
Page link: A Harpenden Butcher's Boy
A Harpenden Butcher's Boy
George Pearce worked for the family business - then for Dunckleys
Page link: Anscombes of Harpenden - Past and Present
Anscombes of Harpenden - Past and Present
A short history published by Stephen Egarr in 1982
Page link: Anscombe's 'Rapid Wire' Cash Railway
Anscombe's 'Rapid Wire' Cash Railway
A delight to children
Page link: James Busby
James Busby
Founder of Busby's the chemists
Page link: Ben and Clara Rowe
Ben and Clara Rowe
Married 60 Years in 1967- still busily working
Page link: Bill Gaskin - Harpenden hairdresser
Bill Gaskin - Harpenden hairdresser
from Station Road to Leyton Road
Page link: Bingham's Shop and Post Office
Bingham's Shop and Post Office
Station Road North
Page link: Edwin Richard Billingham 1870-1961
Edwin Richard Billingham 1870-1961
Owner of a music shop in Station Road
Page link: Foster Yeoman Ladies' Wear
Foster Yeoman Ladies' Wear
At 26 Station Road from 1910 to 2003
Page link: Harpenden's Post Office
Harpenden's Post Office
Expansion and contraction over more than 160 years
Page link: Harpenden's sub-post offices
Harpenden's sub-post offices
Serving new communities, north, south and east from the 1870s
Page link: Luton Road Sub-Post Office
Luton Road Sub-Post Office
The Johnson Family
Page link: Rose Cottage,  High Street
Rose Cottage, High Street
From general drapers to dental surgery
Page link: Shops which closed in 1985
Shops which closed in 1985
and other incidents recorded by Rodney Marshall from 1985-1987
Page link: Southdown - Southdown Road
Southdown - Southdown Road
Memories of the 1930s
Page link: Station Road shops in the 1930s
Station Road shops in the 1930s
Summary of talk by Geoffrey Ackroyd
Page link: The Story of 48 High Street
The Story of 48 High Street
From a reference on the Tithe Award map of 1843 to Harpenden Books in 2016
Page link: Walter Steabben, 1847 - 1932
Walter Steabben, 1847 - 1932
Butcher, Church Green, Harpenden
Page link: Weston's Grocery Store
Weston's Grocery Store
102 Southdown Road, Harpenden